Land Zorbing
A unique zorbing experience for adults and children alike.

We come to you with our Land Zorbs and our 50x35 ft inflatable race track.  We usually start the day with racing. You can challenge a friend or colleague to compete in a 3 lap race. You can organize heats and the winners enter playoffs until the best man/women/child is left standing.
You can have competition lap times followed by all of the balls in the arena at the same time, we like to call this Bumper balls, this is a free for all - no longer one way round the race track, you can bash smash and crash into your opponents safe in the knowledge you are completely safe inside your protective zorb ball. That is not to say you will be knocked about a bit!

Please note:- Our land zorbs are not fitted with harnesses and are not designed for rolling down hills.
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Mobile: 0776 6951121

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